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A Coaching Program for Behavioral Change

the power of coaching

Schedule an embracing change workshop and follow it up with a coaching program for key managers and employees.

We offer telephone, Skype and onsite coaching to help your through the difficulties and stresses of change.

The Power of Coaching

Roger Reece, coach

Roger Reece is an experienced behavior coach who helps people to overcome difficulties, meet challenges and achieve success.

Managers dealing with employee behavior problems can learn to effectively solve those problems. Without coaching, managers may inadvertently make attitudes and morale worse through their negative reactions. Behavior coaching is a powerful tool for making sure that everyone in your organization embraces change.

Transforming Mental Models

mental models

Many managers and employees resist change because of their mental models about how things "should be." Until their mental models about change, they will not be able to embrace change.

Roger Reece uses powerful coaching tools and techniques for helping people to transform their mental models and learn to adapt and flow with change. He also teaches these techniques to managers so they can coach the members of their teams.

Telephone, Skype or Onsite Coaching

We can schedule two days with your team. The first day: an Embracing Change Workshop, and the second day: a day of one-on-one coaching with your managers. Roger Reece also conducts small group coaching workshops for managers to coach them in the skills of managing change.


Ongoing coaching is available by telephone or Skype, making it convenient for managers to call Roger Reece for help in dealing with specific employee issues that come up. Please visit our Workplace Behavior Coaching website at www.WorkplaceBehaviorCoaching.com for more information about our coaching programs.


An "Embracing Change" Workshop for Your Team

The aftermath of major change can cripple a team. If change is on the horizon, or if your team is currently in the midst of change, now is the perfect time for an Embracing Change Workshop. We can make it a half-day or full-day event, packed with discussions, exercises and activities designed to build teamwork and to give your team the right perspective and tools for managing changes without hurting productivity. Is change good or bad? It depends on your perspective. We will help your team members to see the positive benefits of change, and to embrace the new opportunities that always accompany change.

A Team Building Event

A team building event is always a shot in the arm for teams, and our embracing change workshops are team building events built around the topic of "change." In times of change, teamwork is the glue that keeps a business together. We examine your team's current challenges and engage in problem-solving exercises. In small groups, we evaluate the team's communication effectiveness and determine the communication processes that need to be improved or implemented. And we engage the team in fun and challenging team building activities that create a powerful learning experience in how to be a high-functioning team during the chaos of change.

Training, Group Exercises & Open Discussion

Your workshop will be facilitated by Roger Reece, who is an expert at getting groups to open up and discuss their feelings while keeping the atmosphere constructive and positive. During your workshop, we will deal with the real issues, with a focus on building teamwork and achieving team goals. What are the sources of dissonance and stress? Where are balls being dropped? Where are we losing traction? Where are the opportunities to avoid losing customers and to build customer loyalty? Where are the hidden revenue and productivity opportunities? Our goal is to fix problems, overcome inertia and build momentum. Throughout the training, the exercises and the discussions, your team members' attitudes will undergo a transformation.

DISC Behavioral Style Model

Behavioral Style Assessments

Some people have a behavioral style that is naturally change-averse; they avoid and resist change by inclination. So changes in the workplace will predictably generate automatic stress reactions. On the other hand, some people enjoy the positive challenge of stress, and their behavioral style drives them naturally toward exploration of the new opportunities that change creates. We recommend including DISC Behavioral Style Assessments as a part of your embracing change workshop. Participants complete an online survey approximately two weeks prior to the workshop, and each receive their own 20-page personal behavioral profile via email. During the workshop, we use the assessments and the DISC model to help the team understand the differences in how people of different styles approach change.

Most people are surprised at how accurate their DISC behavioral profile is in describing their style and behaviors. The inclusion of DISC in the workshop personalizes the training for everyone, and gives them a better understanding of themselves and - crucially - their team members. The group training and exercises improve communication immeasurably, and provide new strategies for dealing with challenging and difficult behaviors. For more information about our DISC training and the DISC model, please visit our DISC Training Workshops website at www.DISCtrainingworkshops.com.

Fun, Humor & Entertainment

Buford P. Fuddwhacker, Roger Reece's alter-ego

Learning is accelerated when the participants are having fun. Roger Reece's creative style brings fun and humor to every workshop. If you want to add even more humor and entertainment, let us know and Roger will bring his alter-ego Buford P. Fuddwhacker to the workshop. Buford is a down-home, country philosopher and motivational speaker who adds music, humor and outrageous audience participation to the mix. Buford's motivational training modules range from 5-30 minutes in length, and your workshop can include one or more fun-filled Fuddwhacker modules. For more information about Buford Fuddwhacker, visit our Fun Motivational Keynotes website at www.funmotivationalkeynotespeaker.com.

Challenging Team Activities

We can include one or more team activities in your embracing change workshop. Our activities are not just fun "ice-breakers." They are powerful learning experiences that teach participants important lessons about teams and change. The activities usually involve team competition, time pressures and active involvement by all members of the team, and always include the element of change. After each activity, Roger Reece conducts a debrief, during which team members share what they experienced during the simulation. Roger uses this as an opportunity to tie those experiences to the learning points of the training session. The activities raise the level of energy, enthusiasm and engagement by all participants. For more information about our team building activities, please visit our Team Building Workshops website at www.TeamBuildingWorkshops.com.

Strategic Planning Facilitation

During times of change, teams need to think tactically about solving immediate problems and maintaining high productivity levels. They also need to think strategically about the implications of current change, and they need clarity about their vision and direction. Whether your group is a small team within a department, a division of the company, the entire organization or your top management team, you may want to consider including one or more strategic planning modules in your embracing change workshop. Roger Reece is a highly experienced facilitator and works with groups at all levels in facilitating the strategic planning process. You may be facing changes that run counter to your five-year plan; and if so, this is an opportunity to analyze the effects of the shifts on your organization, and possibly to reformulate the team's strategy.

An Onsite or Offsite Event

Where we hold your leadership development workshop is up to you, and is only limited by your imagination. Hold it at your facility, or take it offsite to a hotel, conference facility or resort. Combine the workshop with golf, boating, fishing, or a ropes course. Make it a part of a planned event or make it a stand-alone workshop - contact us today for fresh ideas and for help with the planning process.

Getting the Workshop on Your Calendar

In times of change, everyone is busy, and there is a danger that important tasks, projects and events will be lost in the shuffle. Don't procrastinate on scheduling an embracing change workshop. Contact us, develop a plan and get the date on your calendar. Now is the time to get everyone in your organization focused on embracing change.


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